Developing innovative alliances is a topic for which I have an inordinate amount of passion. Generally, I find that people think of alliances as a type of informal partnership between similar businesses or between people in the same profession.

Yet, one of the biggest opportunities that I see for leveraging alliances is in collaborating with people OUTSIDE your profession. In this way, you take your business to people who might not otherwise ever find out about you.

How would you like other organizations to help you build your business… with no fee$ to you?? By collaborating with other professionals who are passionate about your services (and you theirs), you will raise your profile, reinforce your niche and build a strong source of referrals.

If you are a Coach or Consultant, you’ll want to check out this Workshop I’m offering on March 15th in downtown Toronto.

Of course, the principles apply equally well to other entrepreneurial business owners that I coach. I’d love to walk you through the Developing Innovative Alliances Model and help you look at the fresh ways you could enroll others in bringing clients and customers to your door.