More organizations are making effective use of Assessment instruments to gain added insights on candidates they’re considering for selection. When the assessments used are well-validated, appropriately administered and used responsibly, I applaud this initiative.

I’ve noticed, however, that the rich information that can be gained is significantly under-leveraged AFTER the chosen candidate is hired. Frankly, a much higher return could be reaped for this investment.

Much more value can be gained from the use of these tools to support the organization, the hiring manager AND the new hires themselves.

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By the way, I am a personal raving fan of Thomas International’s suite of DISC assessment products, which I build into my Clearing the 90-Day Hurdle™ process. I also find their consulting support and training second to none. To meet the Canadian team and find out more about the Thomas Systems, log into The Thomas U.S. site is and the International site is