I didn’t consider “writer” at all a part of my persona until 3 years ago when I was working with my first coach. As a fledgling coach myself, I hired a mentor coach to support me with my business development and my own personal foundation as well as my coaching skillset. Little did I realize that I would also be redefining how I show up in business as well. I didn’t even really know that I liked to write!

I’d dabbled with poetry in University but only to express feelings of love or heartache for my own cathartic purposes. I’d kept a journal through my high school years but certainly NEVER showed the content to an audience.

As I’ve evolved to know myself as an “Expressive Introvert” rather than the full-on extrovert many people see me to be…I’ve discovered the power of connecting with others at a strong emotional level through my writing. Rather than a medium for distancing and staying safe, I use my writing to be self-disclosing, to ponder “aloud” and to nudge the thinking of others. What I put out I get back in spades. Feedback has been gloriously motivating.

So…I’ve moved through the stages of writing articles for the web…to being published in Association newsletters…to authoring a published book for a recruitment firm, “Congratulations, you’re hired: A Coach’s Guide to Sussessful Transitions”, to having a regular column in a fabulous new magazine for women business owners and professionals, Company… to being a contributing author of a book, Awakening the Workplace II. I’ve stepped up to modifying the bio. I’m an author now!

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“Connection” can happen in many different ways. How do you best connect?