It’s exciting to see the exponential growth of social networking activity in this field. It wasn’t long ago that I could only identify 1 small group in LinkedIn that was established to address the topic of Onboarding.

Now, there are numerous Fortune 500 companies that have established sites explicitly for new hires in a given year. It’s a great way to create a cohort to foster connectivity– particularly important for engagement and retention of your Millenial hires. But the value cuts across generations and organizational levels. Everyone craves a feeling of belonging when they’re the “new kid on the block”.

There are also social networks cropping up for participants in various conferences related to the topic of onboarding.

As I’ve observed this growth in activity (from a time when I began working in this niche four years ago and had to spell the word “onboarding” each time I mentioned it)…I still notice a couple of gaping holes in the social networking scene related to onboarding. So, I’ve just launched 3 LinkedIn Groups in an attempt to address these holes.

1) New Hires- Clearing the 90-Day Hurdle: This is a public forum supporting entry level and professional new hires across a broad spectrum of industries. I’ll draw from work with clients and research on success factors & derailers in the first 90 days to lead discussion groups and foster connectivity between fellow new hires.

2) New Managers- Clearing the 90-Day Hurdle: This is a similar public forum addressing the unique needs of leaders and managers as they join new organizations or ramp-up in a new role and face enormous pressures to perform.

3) Onboarding Best Practices: This group is a forum for Onboarding specialists, HR professionals and Recruiters who are passionate about raising the bar for preboarding and onboarding experiences of new hires and their managers.

I’m looking forward to stimulating discussions and plenty of sharing in the months ahead!