I recently attended a fabulous conference hosted by The Company of Women called Journey to Success.

One part of the program was LESSONS LEARNED from Canada’s Top Women Entrepreneurs, which was a panel of 3 women recognized by PROFIT magazine in its annual list of Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs in Canada.

They had many great insights to offer the over 220 participants. At the end of the panel discussion each woman offered her “top 5 tips for entrepreneurial success”.

NANCY ADAMO, President and Owner of Hockley Valley Resort in Orangeville, Ontario

1. Believe in you
2. No business is easy- perseverance is key
3. Learn to let go to grow
4. Love what you are doing
5. Find balance

JILL ANDERSON, President of Aecometric Corporation

1. You have no idea what your abilities are until you test them
2. Never give up
3. Be truthful—tell your team about the problems
4. Have good people
5. Some customers you don’t want; they simply aren’t worth it

MARG HACHEY, the Executive Vice-President of Duocom Canada Inc., offered her “Joy of 6”

1. Have a compelling business model
2. Have a strong management team
3. Listen to your customers
4. Have a profitable financial model
5. Have a powerful marketing strategy
6. Have robust technology

I’m curious, which of these tips resonate for you? What are your top tips for entrepreneurial success?