Some of you, like me, are among the list of over 46,000 people who subscribe to marketing guru, Robert Middleton’s wonderfully readable, weekly newsletters containing valuable marketing tips. (If you aren’t, then get to to sign-up!)

Over the holidays, Robert wrote that the greatest gift that you can give to another human being is the opportunity for them to contribute in a meaningful way. He then asked for specific ideas about how Independent Professionals can make a contribution by allowing others to contribute to them.

Upon reading this, I paused for a bit… debating between wrapping presents, wrapping-up a client year-end report and taking Robert up on the opportunity to contribute. Of course, Robert’s offer held the most allure. So… I took the time to write about the many ways that my relationship with Lock Search Group, a North American recruitment firm, has positively impacted my business.

Here’s the newsletter containing my feedback…

Now for the ripple effect. By allowing me to contribute content for his newsletter, in return I have since received inquiries from new contacts/potential clients in Australia and in California. Thanks Robert!

Ah-h-h… the power of the internet. The power of community. The power of the gift of contribution.

Here’s to discovering the gifts of the season that are most important to you!