They’ve wooed you for your expertise. They can’t wait for you to start your new position to bring your experiences to the new company. The ad said they were looking for a strong change agent who would come in and challenge the status quo…and they picked you!

Now your first day in your new job is finally here and you are chomping at the bit to bring all of your talents to bear and impress the heck out of everyone! You’ll show as quickly as you can that they made the right choice in hiring you.


What they neglected to tell you was that the rules of the game change once you shift from being a recruitment candidate to a new hire. Yes, they want all of your fresh ideas…but all in good time. There’s some important credibility-building, listening & observing and relationship-building to do first.

In our recent Onboarding Group Coaching call, hiring managers and Human Resources leaders alike shared personal experiences of dealing with this dilemna.

Here’s a 2.5 minute clip of a participant sharing an example of how the focus changes from attracting a change agent to coaching the same person after they’re hired on how to be well-received in their new workplace.

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