Over the past two years I have worked closely with a client company, Capital Paving Inc., who achieved this prestigious designation in 2010 and re-qualified in 2011.  In 2009, an employee team prepared a strong submission that qualified Capital as a Regional Finalist for South-Western Ontario.  In 2010 the ownership team decided to fully commit to achieving […]

When is a good time to “check-in” with new hires? It’s a question I often get asked when organizations are designing their Onboarding processes. Having the luxury of being able to witness the week-by-week progress of the senior leaders that I work with during their Onboarding, I find that a check-in at the end of […]

Last week I presented at a conference on Campus Recruitment. My topic was “Welcoming & Engaging Your New Grads”. The participants were representatives from both HR and line positions who were accountable for developing and managing their organizations’ strategies for branding & attraction, recruitment & selection and orientation & onboarding for new grads. As is […]

This topic seems to have struck a powerful chord for many of you. I recently had an article I’d written published in the HiringSmart newsletter and I’ve been receiving much heartfelt feedback ever since. Seems I’m not alone in recognizing that the supposed “unreasonable demands” of Millennials and Gen Y are simply good management practices […]

In HR, it seems like an age-old proverb now…”people are rarely if ever fired for technical competence…it’s all about fit”. We get this now. We know that background experience should be a very small part of recruitment specifications and that hiring based on the quality of the resume is missing the mark. As recruitment processes […]

I recently attended a fabulous conference hosted by The Company of Women called Journey to Success. One part of the program was LESSONS LEARNED from Canada’s Top Women Entrepreneurs, which was a panel of 3 women recognized by PROFIT magazine in its annual list of Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs in Canada. They had many great […]