Over the past two years I have worked closely with a client company, Capital Paving Inc., who achieved this prestigious designation in 2010 and re-qualified in 2011.  In 2009, an employee team prepared a strong submission that qualified Capital as a Regional Finalist for South-Western Ontario.  In 2010 the ownership team decided to fully commit to achieving […]

When is a good time to “check-in” with new hires? It’s a question I often get asked when organizations are designing their Onboarding processes. Having the luxury of being able to witness the week-by-week progress of the senior leaders that I work with during their Onboarding, I find that a check-in at the end of […]

Last week I presented at a conference on Campus Recruitment. My topic was “Welcoming & Engaging Your New Grads”. The participants were representatives from both HR and line positions who were accountable for developing and managing their organizations’ strategies for branding & attraction, recruitment & selection and orientation & onboarding for new grads. As is […]

In HR, it seems like an age-old proverb now…”people are rarely if ever fired for technical competence…it’s all about fit”. We get this now. We know that background experience should be a very small part of recruitment specifications and that hiring based on the quality of the resume is missing the mark. As recruitment processes […]

I recently attended a fabulous conference hosted by The Company of Women called Journey to Success. One part of the program was LESSONS LEARNED from Canada’s Top Women Entrepreneurs, which was a panel of 3 women recognized by PROFIT magazine in its annual list of Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs in Canada. They had many great […]