New Wheels


I got new wheels yesterday!

Roller blades that is. (I frankly think I get more joy from roller blades than a car anyway).

Lately I’ve been a bit discouraged by how slowly I’ve been blading and how many benches seem to call to me along my usual 10k route.  Finally, I decided that an equipment upgrade could be part of the solution instead of the ol’ refrain…

“I’m not in as great shape with all the gym closings during COVID.”
Blah blah blah

(Oh and there was that turning 60 thing.)

I often have inertia before deciding to make a purchase, but once I commit, it’s a quick process.

I tried on two pairs.  I loved the new laces that tighten simply by twisting a dial.  I MUST get those on my next ski boots!  I opted for a slight upgrade in wheel size rather than a more dramatic size change, which would apparently make my skating dramatically faster.

Before heading back to the office, I decided I had to take them for an inaugural outing.  Already wearing shorts and having socks with me to try on the skates, I bought a new sport top and tore apart one of my extra COVID masks, using the elastic to make a make-shift hair tie.

I did a quick change in the washroom along the trail and off I went.

Except I was SO cautious!  The wheels felt MUCH faster to me.  And my balance was more precarious.  I think my previous wheels were worn down so far, they were essentially flattened into a really wide wheelbase.

As I skated, my hip flexors were almost immediately sore.  “What’s that about?”, I wondered.  I soon realized that I was tensing up and tightening at the hips. Normally I tell myself that I NEVER fall
(even when roller-blading moons ago while very pregnant and not exactly being an easy act to balance).

But NOW, my brain was telling me that I very well COULD fall.  Once I realized the cause of the sore hip flexors, I talked myself down

Bend your knees
Ease into the glide

It was a great reminder that when we adopt new tools at work, sometimes we are SO nervous about using them that we can hamper their effectiveness.  With new technology, for example, how might you be “tightening up” or resisting a new tool?  What about new skills?  Or new approaches in your leadership style?

How might you flex those knees and breathe into what’s new?

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